Construction begins at Mary MacKillop College Nundah

26 October 2023

Construction has commenced on the new GLA and library building at Mary MacKillop College Nundah.  

In 2019, Deicke Richards completed a new Master Plan for the College through an Enquiry by Design process. The process involved consultation and engagement with a wide variety of stakeholders from the community. It resulted in a Master Plan which built on the College’s identity and the excellent contemporary Catholic Josephite education it provides as the College moves towards 720 enrolments over the next five years. Underlining this, the Master Plan provides a robust framework for the efficient delivery and provision of new facilities that will serve the College into the future.  

The Master Plan identified 11 projects, including several smaller initiatives. Some of these projects are completely independent of other projects and therefore could be carried out whenever the funds are available. Other projects are dependent on the relocation of one use to repurpose the space for its new use. 

The new GLA and library building represents the first project to be undertaken as a result of the master plan.  The three storey building which is located on a prominent corner of the campus, includes four new general learning areas and purpose built design technology spaces.  It also includes a new library to met the contemporary needs of the school. The ground floor provides a much needed undercover eating area with future capacity for a new canteen. A new entry from Buckland Street will provide the school with a greater presence and provide better physical and community connection to Nundah.

In designing the building, we drew inspiration from the adjacent Corpus Christi Church to inform the architecture and colour palette. Primary red of the church brickwork is featured and accompanied with similar tones of orange and brown to add depth and detail, while cooler blues and greens compliment and offset the warm tones.