Designing for dementia

18 February 2021

As aged care and retirement living providers look to the future, there’s a need to continually respond, and even anticipate, evolving community expectations and changes to market and regulatory contexts. Providers must offer contemporary environments designed to support residents’ lifestyles in ways that are supported, safe, and comfortable, and that offer community and autonomy, as much as possible. To achieve this, providers need trusted design partners who are invested in their issues, committed to learning and eager to share their evolving knowledge.

DR has a keen interest in designing for dementia. Our team’s recent learnings include participating in a 2019 dementia virtual reality experience hosted by Churches of Christ and Dementia Australia. In early 2020 we were delighted to meet and work with internationally respected Dementia Village Advisors (DVA) for an aged care master plan review and concept development project. Building on these experiences, our Interior Design Manager, Magda Myszkowski, completed an online course via UTAS in 2020 entitled ‘Understanding Dementia’.  This provided valuable insights into the types of behaviour people with dementia may display. It explored how different living environments can impact people with dementia both positively and negatively.

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