DR now a 3-star ecoBiz partner

19 July 2019

SMEs, climate change and the Queensland Government’s ecoBiz program were up for discussion at a launch event last week.

Environment Minister Leanne Enoch and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland (CCIQ) launched the Small and Medium enterprise sector Adaptation Plan for responding to climate change.

As part of the launch event, a number of businesses, including Deicke Richards, were acknowledged as star-rated ecoBiz partners for reducing water, energy and waste through the Queensland Government-funded ecoBiz program. The ecoBiz program, run by CCIQ, is free and available to all businesses to seek ways to develop sustainable practices in delivering products and services.

The launch of the SME sector climate change Adaptation Plan was the outcome of significant industry research completed by CCIQ in the past 12 months. The research investigated the effects extreme climate and weather events have on business, suppliers and business development. Action areas were highlighted for SMEs to work towards including Workplace Health and Safety, insurability, developing networks and ongoing management of waste, energy and water.

A panel discussion featured Queensland business leaders spanning tourism, hospitality, education, professional and manufacturing services. All panellists highlighted the ecoBiz program’s benefits:
• reduced energy bills
• enhanced business recognition and development
• increased retention and productivity with employees
• increased client satisfaction and enhanced feedback of sustainable ideas, and
• recognising other companies that are working towards sustainable practices were preferable to work with and be supplied by.

Deicke Richards currently considers sustainable procurement options for all suppliers, goods and packaging. Savings made through energy and waste reduction are being used to continually educate our team regarding how to incorporate sustainable options and practices. We have organised for solar panels to be installed and are in the process of redesigning our lighting for greater efficiency. Thanks to Practice Manager, Ally Bennett, for driving our progress in this area and continually evolving our Environmental Policy.

Read more here about about the CCIQ ecoBiz program, and how it might be able to support your business.