Last days to book design training

22 October 2018

DR Director Peter Richards presents his Design Thinking Drawing training workshop at QUT this week and there’s still time to take up a place.

The course, on Thursday to Saturday, flexibly offers one, two and three day options. Saturday’s program is new to the course format, introducing a session focussed on built form and character. Places in the course are still available via Eventbrite.

Design Thinking Drawing focuses on how to use freehand drawing to design and think about urbanism and architecture. The sessions show how to prepare drawings and diagrams to analysise, synthesise, generate and explain ideas. Using a local case study, a workshop approach is used throughout the training, with participants working individually and in small groups to complete specific design and drawing exercises and present for review and feedback.

‘Peter Richards understands that drawing is so
much more than a way of making pictures and
illustrating things: it’s a way of seeing deeply,
and understanding the places in which we live. . .’

Jim Gall, Gall Architects, Adj Prof. School of Design, QUT

‘For our cities to survive as human 
habitats, creativity and rigour are essential,
but not enough. Communication is critical.
Peter’s drawing skills are not just powerful
exploring and analytical tools but also
intensely human means of communication
in a highly technological and technology-loving
world. They are both a means to
thinking and communicating and a source
of pleasure.’
John Byrne, Byrne Urban Design,
Adj Prof, School of Design, QUT