Hymba Yumba Independent School

Connecting community, culture and landscape in an engaging learning environment

Hymba Yumba – or ‘listening and learning place’ in the Bidjara language – is an independent P–12 school located at Springfield in Brisbane’s west. Bringing together the knowledge of First Nations elders, families and young people, the school provides an environment inextricably connected to culture.

‘The quality of the physical infrastructure has lifted the profile of Indigenous education in the community and is a demonstration of our commitment to excellence.’
– Uncle Albert Holt, Chairman, Searchlight Education

A key challenge for Hymba Yumba was its steeply sloping site: an irregularly-shaped 5000m² parcel of land adjacent to the Springfield Parkway. The design process was new for the client, so our team acted as an advocate from the beginning; providing support for site selection and funding applications as well as planning decisions and brief development.

The first of three planned buildings – featuring classrooms for 150 students and generous breakout spaces, a science laboratory, library with integrated space for youth workers, commercial kitchen, art facilities and elders’ room – opened in 2013. A new STEAM building has since been completed, and the third stage will comprise a purpose-built hall for the arts and sport.


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Christopher Frederick Jones