St Vincent’s Care Services

Partnering to create community — aged care located on parish land in Maroochydore

A partnership between an aged care provider and a Catholic parish has produced an innovative ‘care community’ on the Sunshine Coast. The former Stella Maris Catholic Church was located on valuable land in central Maroochydore. The parish worked through a master planning process with DR and later formed a partnership with St Vincent’s Care Services. The outcome of their work together is a 120 bed aged care and dementia development, co-located with a beautiful new church. A wellness centre, seniors gym, activity spaces and café are part of the St Vincent’s development.

The objective was to provide integrated care in this high amenity urban centre, strongly connected to the existing community. The development provides a great example of the opportunities to build on community assets, through resourceful partnerships and the co-location of complementary uses. The co-location strategy provides the opportunity to secure suitable sites and create positive community outcomes.


St Vincent’s Care Services




Cathy Schusler