Sunshine Coast Mass Transit

Enquiry by Design

Over eight weeks in 2021, Sunshine Coast Council hosted more than 50 community engagement activities in relation to Sunshine Coast Mass Transit options. The Sunshine Coast Mass Transit community engagement was led by Sunshine Coast Council with Articulous.

Deicke Richards’ role was to support targeted briefing sessions to a range of different stakeholder groups, including market sectors and suburbs, and design facilitation in Enquiry by Design (EbD) workshops and the Multi Generational Forum. This involved the graphical representation of how urban form relates to mass transit (investigated through various scenarios), and design charettes utilising:

  • sketched analysis and options on ‘imaginary’ base maps;
  • engagement with attendees to address their vision for the future of living and character of the Sunshine Coast through ‘urban futures collage’; and
  • discussions around what makes a good place and how we can improve our sense of custodianship and connection to place.

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