Vision South Bank Workshop

With the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games to be hosted in Brisbane, Business South Bank (BSB) launched a review of their 20 Year Vision to leverage opportunities leading up to 2032 and beyond.

BSB was established in 1999 in response to precinct business leaders recognising the need for a common voice. Their objective is to position South Bank as a world-class precinct by connecting, informing, advocating and promoting business success in the precinct.

Assembling a range of stakeholders, our Vision South Bank workshop considered opportunities and challenges the precinct will face ahead of and after 2032 – with the aim of presenting the collaborative thoughts to local and state governments to assist with the planning / implementation process.

The workshop included the facilitated exploration of precinct opportunities in groups, following a structure that looked at before and after the Olympics / Paralympics and to a lesser extent during the Games.

The workshop investigated:

  1. the legacy – the transformative shifts in built environment and cultural practices that should occur at South Bank following the games;
  2. the Games – the hosting of the Games and likely implications for the South Bank precinct; and
  3. the lead-up – the investment in Brisbane’s infrastructure and community programs required ahead of the Olympics.

The workshop utilised Enquiry by Design (EbD) and workshop consultation techniques and included base map sketches and Mentimeter software to interact in realtime with the attendees in the room via smartphone and live polling.


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