Sunnybank gives DR’s project architect a special thanks!

15 October 2020

DR’s Tim Zieth was recognised yesterday with a design excellence award from Sunnybank Hills State School. The school presented special awards to thank both Tim, DR’s project architect, and Nick Tatzenko, project foreman for building contractor Wiley (both pictured below with School Principal, Geoffrey Mill). ‘The success of the project is measured by how much the school, the end users of the building, love it,’ says Tim.

The school contributed to a comprehensive brief that went beyond functional requirements, detailing building character and experiential qualities, and the leadership team remained closely involved throughout the project. The new, two-storey centre accommodates a growing multi-lingual student cohort and supports flexible teaching methods. It includes 25 learning areas, (19 general, 5 outdoor and 1 flexible) with associated amenities and staff spaces. An undercroft area future proofs the new facility and in the meantime provides formal and informal play space overlooking a much-loved oval. The learning centre also addresses a series of outdoor courtyard spaces which contribute to connectivity within the campus and provide opportunities for flexible use.